How much will it cost to take the GROP test?

This test may be free for you, for example, if you are a student, because many educational institutions offer this type of testing free of charge. The test may also be free if you receive guidance or psychological evaluation services from subsidized organizations or centers such as Youth Employment Centers (Carrefour Jeunesse Emploi).

If you take the test through one of our private practice partners, the price will depend on the service agreement you sign. Please ask for details before making a commitment.

How long does the online GROP take to complete?

The test is not timed. How long it takes to complete will vary from one person to another, but it is generally possible for all questions to be answered in under an hour. There are no right or wrong answers in this type of test, and it is always better to provide the first answer that comes to mind.

Who will see my results?

Results will be sent almost immediately to the professional who invited you to take the GROP and provided you with your ACCESS CODE. You will have to give your consent before the results can be sent. After looking over your results, your counsellor will contact you to discuss their analysis.

Can this psychometric test be used for employee selection or recruitment?

The GROP is an interest and personality inventory. It helps evaluate subjects in terms of interests, personality traits, values, and many other aspects. The test does not attempt to examine the subconscious or provide deep insight into individuals. Even if a test’s validity is never absolute, the validity of an assessment like the GROP is based largely on the sincerity of the subject. For recruitment or employee selection, interest and personality inventories are therefore useful insofar as subjects understand and accept that there are no medium or long term advantages to presenting a false image. When selecting or recruiting, it is always preferable to use a variety of approaches and methods simultaneously, rather than one single test.

Will my test results be confidential?

Psymétrik promises not to share your results with anyone other than the person you identified as your counsellor. Under no circumstances will anyone other than that professional be authorized to receive your results. You will, however, be able to authorize that person to share the results with a third party by signing a consent form to that effect.

If your test results are ever used as data for research or a study, your identity will be protected.