What is the GROP test?

The Career Orientation Guide GROP (Guide de Recherche d’une Orientation Professionnelle) is an interest and personality inventory composed of three separate sections. Section A presents lists of activities and is aimed at measuring the subject’s professional interests. Section B contains a fairly complete array of personal traits, allowing anyone to generate a self-portrait. Finally, Section C contains lists of personal and professional values.

The subject’s profile is created from the answers provided, based on seven personality types, six of which refer to John Holland’s personality types. The seventh type (Advocate) is exclusive to the GROP.

The variety of items available also makes it possible to place the subject along four bipolar dimensions, the most familiar of which is introversion-extraversion.

Although the GROP was initially designed to help guidance counsellors and was first used in the field of education, it is now also widely used by adult and youth employment centers and is being increasingly used as an innovative tool in human resources management.